From 13 to Eternity

January 2010

It all started with the urge to paint a number 13 in gold for my son's 13th birthday. the initial impulse for this work was love.
My research into the number 13 led me into the realms of the fibonacci world. There were so many coinciding dates with numbers, with important occurrences in my life, that this work became massive in my mind, incomprehensible to realize on my own.

The Work, as visualized by me back in 2010, would measure 445 x 732,5 cm as I would have to continue the spiral to incorporate the number 89.
I have put this work on hold, maybe it will never be completed.


The Fibonacci Series:

0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89.............

My son Leon's upcoming 13th birthday inspired me to begin researching the number 13.
To start with 13 was our house number in England.

My name in irish, cill chainnigh, has 13 letters and my complete name at birth Peter Kilkenny also.
(none of my 3 brothers & 1 sister had 13 letters in their 1st & 2nd names)

The word for 13 is "terah" in the hindi language which means "yours". 13 is a lucky number in India as opposed to the west where it is commonly believed to be an unlucky number.

When my son was born I was 34. When he is 21 I will be 55.

These few coincidences led me to marvel at the Fibonacci sequence & its close relation to the golden ratio, spirals and also its echoes in the world of art and nature.

My Dad was born in 1921.

Without any need or desire for interpretation I am deeply moved by these many coincidences.
It is the naturalness of it all. I can't prove anything with my findings though poetically speaking rather than scientifically I do believe that everything happens by itself & that there is destiny. Whatever happens I can stand aloof and be amazed at the wonder of it all, even if it is damn bloody hard sometimes.

Oil and gold tinktur on Canvas
100 x 130cm
2010 be continued...

...terah terah terah...
...yours yours yours...
13 be continued...
...planets spiral around the sun...