Pete Kilkenny

4 of my "works" are in the Annette & Peter Nobel Collection. I am very thankful to Annette & Peter Nobel & their wonderful assistant & art historian Hanspeter Portmann for adding me in 2016 to their collection of Art on newspapers together with works from Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol, Joan Miró, Antoni Tàpies & many other great artists who I adore.

I also wish to thank Beate Elsen Schwedler, curator of the Collection Würth, who chose my paintings to be incorporated into the catalogue and exhibition "Menagerie" back in 2013 who I am greatly indebted to.

Neither of the above came to me looking for art. It was I that brought my art to them. So in a way I was my own gallerist. There is an expression in german, hartnäckig", which means persistent, tenacious, stubborn even. 

Getting to know the Würth family was a path of many persistent steps and finally my painting, "Sevilla", came to be noticed and was shown in the Würth Collection.

Thank you Beate for fulfilling my dream! As curator of the exhibition "Menagerie" it was she who chose my painting "Sevilla" to be on the inside front cover first page of the catalogue along with works by Segantini, Max Liebermann, Heinrich von Zügel, Georg Baselitz, Picasso and many other prominent artists. Thank you Marion Würth for aquiring many of my works!


1962 Born in Yorkshire England of Irish stock.

1976 first experiments with painting, etching and silk screen printmaking

1978-80 Design and Technology School - Worked with wood, plastic and metal, further developing a major interest for etching and silk screen printmaking.

1980-81 Foundation course in Art - Etching, Litho- and silk screen printing, Drawing, Photography, Art History

1981-84 Bachelor of Art Diploma in Fine Art at Newcastle University - Painting and Printmaking

1984-1987 travelled extensively through Europe, Greece, Israel and Asia as a Street musician, writing nonsense and trying to make sense of it all and painting.

seit 1987 in Deutschland freischaffender Künstler


2013 - 2014 Teilnahme an der Ausstellung "Menagerie" Tierschau aus der Sammlung Würth - Kunsthalle Würth in Schwäbisch Hall

2016 - Veröffentlichung im Katalog von 4 neu erworbenen Werken zu der Ausstellung "Press Art" 28. Mai - 14. Aug 2016 Eine Ausstellung von Werke aus der Sammlung Annette and Peter Nobel im Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana (MASI Lugano)

Annette and Peter Nobel

Art on newspapers! The "Le Lettura" Series
The Power of Cow!
"Alles ist Vergänglich, nur der Kuhschwanz, der bleibt länglich"

Arbeiten in Sammlungen

- Reinhold Würth

- Peter Nobel


Arbeiten in Öffentlichen Besitz

- Stadt Burghausen

Ein Jahr lange Serie auf das Titelblatt der Süddeutsche Zeitung vom 19. Oktober 2012 bis 18. Oktober 2013

Live zu Gast im Studio bei Servus TV, Red Bull Fernsehen, Salzburg - mit Filmaufnahmen im Atelier Tittmoning - Oktober 2013

Gast bei Achim Bogdahn Eins zu Eins. Der Talk. Bayern 2 Radio - Februar 2014

Im Bayerischen Fernsehen "Auf dem grünen Teppich“ - Porträt der Kuhmaler - Juli 2014

Artist in Residence auf der Burg Tittmoning - 2014

Neue Atelier in Burghausen - 2015

Exhibition "The Power of Cow" Bauerngerätemuseum Ingolstadt 2. April bis 2. Juli 2017

Exhibition "Alles ist Vergänglich, nur der Kuhschwanz, der bleibt länglich" mit Friedrich Voltz Ausstellung 25. August bis 3. Oktober 2017 - eine gemeinsame Ausstellung mit Werke von Pete Kilkenny und Werke aus der Nachlass Friedrich Voltz zu seinen 200ster Geburtstag - auf der Burg Tittmoning



Collection of artwork completed by Pete Kilkenny
Artwork on a book
Mirror image of the artist Pete Kilkenny
Painting hung nicely on wall
Pete Kilkenny oberserving the finished piece