The Power of Cow

Öl auf Trevira Kunststoff
240 x 320cm

Seen from the hammock perspective.

The common denominator found between hammocks and cows is the act of doing nothing. At work or whatever the task before you remember there is nothing to achieve. The only work worthwhile is that of workshopping your ego which is nothing but imagination.
All those many moons ago in an extremely desperate moment of despair my whole being was captured by the presence and tranquility of 2 cows. Don't think for a moment that the cows are important, beautiful as they are they were a mere trigger that set a process in motion to ultimately break down the illusion of the mindset.
You are not a person. Despair and of course the obligatory opposite of pleasure exist only in the mind.
Joy is beyond that. It is utterly natural.
This is the Power of Cow.


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