13 was the number of our house in England where I grew up.

As I later discovered the fibonacci sequence, 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89 and so on, I was fascinated how the numbers therein including the number 13 reflected important occurences in my own life.
As my son turned 13 I had begun the first canvas of the work "Eternity" to celebrate his birthday. Looking for meanings and interpretations of the number 13 I discovered the Fibonacci sequence and its connection to the golden ratio and everything spiral.

The age at which I became a father was 34.
When my son is 21 I will be 55.

The year before my son turned 13 my dad had died aged 88, he was also born in 1921!

I don't believe in life after death but in a spiraling, eternal sense, dad would have been 89 in that same year my son turned 13.

My name Peter Kilkenny has 13 letters, so does my surname in irish: cill chainnigh.

You may think there is nothing spectacular about all this. To me it is simply more than just coincidence and hard for me to ignore.