Vienna, Ravensburg, Bali, Cows, Hammocks, DJ's and it's all a dream anyway

Etching in Vienna - Bless Kalina Strzalkowski and her Zein Werkstatt.

Rediscovering the common denominator between cows & hammocks - Bless Igor Scotland and his Ticket To The Moon Hammocks.

Painting in Ravensburg & Switzerland - now art beiting with the two gallerists Andrea Dreher and Stefanie Buecherle and their Gallery 21.06 in Ravensburg. Bless Andrea & Stefanie.

Brief stay in Burghausen to paint and put up the perfect hammock. It's now a studio for Ticket To The moon hammocks.

Ending up in Bali with no idea whatsoever about the place.

Discovering the Flute Player on a Buffalo at Daniel Ruwenda's place in Bali which consequently led me to research the 11th century chinese parables from where the story of the flute player originally came from. He's a Dj. Bless Daniel & all Dj's.

Workshopping the ego, painting, writing, remembering Haridas's words:

"Go Inside. Shine. Remember what you really are"



It's all a dream anyway.
Tour 2018

hammock place
Working in Bali
Bali Studio
Back in Burghausen - before Vienna again